Blackpool laser cutting
Blackpool Laser Cutting Service

Blackpool laser cutting:  Doug is Artie and Mandy is Fartie – she doesn’t like that much but she doesnt know how to edit this page 🙂

We’re enjoying tinkering with our new laser cutting machine based in Blackpool.

It arrived from China – without any breakages shortly before Christmas in 2016 and although the learning curve is steep we’re enjoying the process of creating some different pieces which our clients seem to be liking.

Doug generally does the design and cutting work but listens attentively to Mandy’s suggestion for improvement.  She has a great eye and if you’ve seen her wonderful cake creations you’ll know she’s not short of an idea or three.  We make a great team.

We make clocks, wall signs, wall plaques, shop signs, illuminated signs, dog signs, dog memorials, funny signs and just about anything that you can cut from 3/6mm MDF, plywood and/or acrylic.

No job is too small but the largest size we can currently cut is 680mm by 480mm.  That does make a VERY BIG individual letter.

We’d love to discuss your ideas and always send a mock-up before any payment.

Contact us today to let us know what you want