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Bar sign

I started working with 6mm poplar plywood yesterday. Its so soft and laser cuts like a dream.

This is made from a 3mm MDF backing layer to which I added a 3mm duplicate layer in poplar (thats the one I beeswaxed) and then added 3mm edging and on top of it all the 6mm poplar words.

It looks real nice. I’ll add some lacquer spray to it next week when the wax has dried a little.

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Deeper engraving on bamboo chopping boards

deeper engraving into a bamboo chopping board

I decided to do a slower burn on a bamboo board tonight and am really pleased with the results.
It’s engraved it about 1.5mm deep.
This process takes a lot longer so if you want a deeper engrave it will be more costly..but it’s nice to have options eh!
We don’t advise using these for cutting your vegetables on. We dont seal them and germs will harbour in the engraving regardless of how deep it is. That’s why we supply these with ribbons (already placed) so you can hang them. Always let us know what colour your kitchen is.

Deeper engraving on a bamboo chopping board

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2017 Gold Britannia engraved on to 3mm poplar plywood

Image showing the deeper engraved marks on the poplar plywood

Had a bit of fun today engraving the 2017 Britannia coin into some poplar plywood I had. Ive done both sides but as I type this I’m waiting for the glue to dry (overnight). I’ll add more pictures when it’s ready.

I’m really impressed with the poplar plywood. It’s so soft and engraves with fine detail. Im still learning with it and am sure I can get it a little sharper with practice.

I dont know whether to finish this off in beeswax or some spray lacquer. We shall see in the morning

engraving a Britannia into poplar ply
2017 reverse of the gold Britannia courtesy of