15 Minutes laser cutting time in our Blackpool based workshop


Blackpool laser cutting service

60w laser available to cut MDF, acrylic, beech plywood, poplar plywood and a few other things

The only extra to the above price is if I have to supply the material.

I’ll be placing a full list of materials which it can cut here shortly



YOUR design, my laser cutter and my workshop and 15 minutes time.  Well when i say workshop it’s really a shed.  Its a nice shed and it’s my shed.

I charge £15 per every 15 minutes laser cutting time

To give you an idea 3mm plywood, acrylic and MDF cuts at 9mm per second

I have some poplar ply which is 2.8mm (it’s supposed to be 3mm but isn’t) that cuts very nicely at 24mm per second

Paper/card cuts at 90mm per second!

Your design will need to be in either cdr or dxf format – or I can offer a design service also

I can tell you to the millisecond how long your cut will take before you give me the go-ahead

You can wait for it and have a coffee (as long as I’m not busy elsewhere).  Car parking usually available midweek.

Blackpool Laser cutting service.

Contact us now with your ideas and requirements


Materials we can laser cut
We can cut the following materials. If you do not see your material listed, we would be happy to try cutting it as long as it does not contain chlorine (please submit a quote request and provide details about your material in the special instructions section of the quote request form).

Acrylic (also known as Plexiglas, Lucite, PMMA)

Woods (MDF, balsa, birch, poplar, red oak, cherry, holly, etc.) – we stock various thicknesses of birch plywood

Mylar (polyester)


Two-tone acrylic – top color different than core material, usually for custom instrumentation panels, signs, and plaques.

Depron foam – often used for RC planes.
Gator foam – foam core gets burned and eaten away compared to the top and bottom hard shell.

Cloths (leather, suede, felt, hemp, cotton)


Materials we cannot laser cut no matter how much time you have:-
We do not or cannot cut the following materials:

Most metals – We cannot cut most metals.  If you need metal parts, you might consider a water jet cutting service.
Polycarbonate (PC, Lexan) – we do not cut Lexan due to the fumes.
Any material containing chlorine
PVC (Cintra) – contains chlorine
Vinyl – contains chlorine (nope we don’t cut vinyl records – anyone who does is very very silly)
Printed circuit board (FR4 and other material types)
Carbon fiber
High-density polyethylene (HDPE) thicker than 1/16″ – We are unable to cut HDPE thicker than 1/16″, and HDPE of any thickness melts badly when laser cut.