190 micron Mylar – laser safe plastic stencil film


We are now stockists of this material which is very suitable for laser cutting

Priced by the metre – it is 300mm wide – so you can make A4 or A3 sheets

Food Safe.  Laser Cutting Safe.  
Suitable for dozens of application


We can supply in any length – width is 300mm – ideal for producing A4 or A3 sheets (you can split the A4 in half to get two x A5 sheets
Supplied in one cut – if you select 5 in quantity box you will get a roll 5metres by 300mm
If you would prefer the length trimming to shorter, more manageable, lengths please advise during checkout
Product Description
MYLAR® polyester film is a flexible, strong and durable film with an unusual balance of properties making it suitable for many industrial applications. 
MYLAR® A is slightly hazy. In film thicknesses 190µm and above 
Type MYLAR® A has a tensile strength that averages 210 MPa, has excellent resistance to moisture and most chemicals and can withstand temperature extremes from -70°C to 150°C. Because it contains no plasticisers MYLAR® A does not become brittle with age under normal conditions
We only supply Genuine Mylar Sheets and not cheaper alternatives
Mylar Polyester Stencil Sheets
190 micron/0.190mm/7.5 mil.
Perfect for stencilling – use time after time
If you make your own stencils then you’ll probably agree 190 micron Mylar stencil sheets are the best choice.
Perfect to minimise bleeding especially when used in conjunction with a light tack spray glue.
If you have a laser cutter you will find this cuts very fast at low to medium power.
On our machine we run at 155 speed and 32 power – on a 60w with tube coming to end of life.
Cut a few small squares at different settings to help you find optimal settings for your machine where you get no burr and a clean cut
Good focus is essential for minimal burr around edges
If you want a tip sheet for a really good way to minimise fume marks then ask in a message during checkout
(free tips to customers only 🙂 )
Mylar is food safe, laser safe and solvent proof unlike most acetates and plastics that other sellers supply. Can be reused after use when cleaned carefully
We cut our own sheets directly from our Mylar Rolls and do not have them shipped in to us from other suppliers
Very suitable for dozens of applications.
190 micron sheets are best used for stenciling on walls, school books, furniture, table tops, glass etc.
They are strong, flexible and not too thick. Any thicker or thinner than 190 micron film and you may experience the paint bleeding.




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1 metre x 300mm, 2 metres x 300mm, 3 metres x 300mm, 4 metres x 300mm, 5 metres x 300mm, 10metres x 300mm, 25 metres x 300mm, 50 metres x 300mm