Craft shapes – you decide how many and what theme


Any shape cut to the size YOU want

For all your decoupage requirements



Need shapes for your craft and decoupage work?

Short on hearts for your craft work?

Footballers cut in MDF or felt for decoupage
Footballers cut in MDF or felt for decoupage

Want some cogs?

Anything else?

No problem!

We can supply hundreds or just a dozen….you decide on the theme and give us the dimensions you want.

We can cut from A4, A3, A2 sheets and do as many as you need.

We can cut these in felt, card, MDF. plywood or acrylic

Its a little difficult and time consuming to price individually but we’ll try real hard to be competetive and we’ll always optimise the cut with the material to ensure you get the largest quantity for your money

Let us know today what you need and let us quote you a price you should be thrilled with

Hearts craft shapes, wedding bells, horse shoes, ballerinas, dogs, cats, kittens, zoo animals, names, letters and just about anything you can think of we can cut.

If you need a shape we can design and cut it for you

Tell us what shape you need and we’ll come up with a design for you!!

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Sheet size

A4, A3, A2