Questions and Answers

Where are you?

We’re at the Canasta Hotel, 288 Promenade, Blackpool, FY1 2EY.  Our telephone number is 01253 290501

How do you make such things?

Well Artie designs and cuts them on a laser cutter and Fartie finishes it off with embellishments and shizz.  A good understanding of CorelDraw helps..and learning how to use the laser cutter is a steep learning curve…but fun.  The only limit to what you can do with these things…is your imagination.

How long does it take?

The process varies considerably depending on how intricate the design is and the material we’re using.  The laser cutter happily slices through acrylic, plywood and MDF at 10mm per second – eats through poplar plywood at 24mm per second and we can even cut paper and card at 100mm per second.  Thats crazy to watch!

Can you make this for my wedding?

If the largest piece can fit within 680mm by 490mm and is no thicker than 6mm then yes we can 🙂

I’ve seen vinyl records made into clocks – can you do that?

Record clock not vinyl
Record look a likeee

Well ..yes and no.   We use black acrylic and engrave the grooves into it – it looks remarkably like a record.  Cutting actual vinyl records is a bit stupid though.  Anybody who has done so will probably be very very ill now, unfortunately.  Cutting records releases hydrochloric acid which isnt very good for the metal on the machine…and not very nice to your lungs.  We’ve heard stories of people cutting these and developing cancer a few months later.  So…we can make a really really good copy of a record…and can even print labels to make it look even more authentic…but we won’t be cutting actual vinyl records any time soon.

Can you cut decoupage shapes for my crafting?

Yes we can.  The laser cutter slices through felt and thick card very fast so we can get a lot done in a short time.

We can design any shape you want and supply in any quantity

Where do you post to?

At the moment we are only posting to UK addresses

How can I pay?

Paypal if ordering from afar or we can take credit/debit cards or cash if you visit us

Where are you located?

Our main business is the Canasta Hotel in Blackpool and we live at the hotel.  There’s always ample parking midweek.  If you’re thinking of popping along to discuss your requirements it’s probably worth giving us a ring first – we do get busy.  Telephone 01253 290501


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